DniproVNIPIenergoprom was found in 1986 in USSR Energetic Ministry as an institute for complex projecting of different heat and energetic objects.

In our days Limited liability company Institute DniproVNIPIenergoprom is the main institute in Ukraine in cogeneration, combined cycle and gas turbine power plants development.

DniproVNIPIenergoprom provides complex engineering of next energetic objects:

  • cogeneration plants;
  • district heating and industrial boiler plants;
  • particular cites and industries heat supply sources;
  • electric substations and lines of electricity transmissions;
  • heat network mains;
  • wind-mill electric generation plants;
  • small hydroplants;
  • several energetic objects, such as oil reservoirs, demineralizing stations, repairing bases etc.

LLC Institute DniproVNIPIenergoprom takes part in all phases of investment process, including feasibility study, business plan development, complaining with and presenting to the state administration the project, field supervision, technical support during the implementation and assisting in equipment completing.

During the engineering DniproVNIPIenergoprom works in a tight cooperation with equipment designers and suppliers, develops the technical requirements for new energetic equipment, takes part in technical conditions complaining during the equipment ordering. Institute has a fast connection almost with all equipment suppliers in Russia, Ukraine and other Commonwealth members.

There are more than 50 cogeneration plants, boiler plants, heat network mains, electric substations and lines of electricity transmissions in different points of the Commonwealth, that were built and are building now in accordance with DniproVNIPIenergoprom projects or are engineering by DniproVNIPIenergoprom now.